Planning Your Wedding Menu

Whether you’re looking for wedding menu inspiration, a completely customized wedding menu, a custom low-cost wedding menu, or if your time is limited and you prefer to choose from one of our pre-fabricated all-star wedding menus– we can help! We work hand in hand with our customers to provide them with the wedding menu of their dreams! In addition to your wedding menu, we are also happy to cater all of the events within your engagement and wedding events; from your engagement party menu to your bridal shower menu, from your rehearsal dinner menu, to your wedding menu, we can handle it all and we’ll end it with your post-wedding brunch menu! We’ll take your wedding theme, colors, and guests’ favorite foods into account as we create the menus you’ll be proud to present to your guests!

Wedding Menu Samples

Here are some of our sample menus. Consider this a place to begin to create your perfect plate; we can alter and customize any of these wedding menus, we can mix and match items on different wedding menus, or we can create from the vision in your mind… it’s up to you!
Wedding Brunch Menu
Wedding Hors D’oeuvres Menu
Wedding on a Budget Menu
Wedding Menu 1
Wedding Menu 2
Wedding Menu 3